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Please reblog if you wouldn’t act differently around a friend if they came out as bisexual, gay, lesbian or admitted to being trans.

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Miley looked at the girl. “Excuse me, I’m looking for the locker room. Could you point me out there?” She asked shyly.  She was still rather new to the academy .


"Welcome to the DWMA the names Maka Albarn, as for the lockers they are just down the corridor and to your left." She smiled as she looked at the other.

"Miley Summers," Miley smiled and held out her hand. "Thank you very much. I still get turned around in this place." She explained. 

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Your muse is dead. My muse is called in for the reading of the will. What does my muse get in the will?

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Quality M!A Masterlist

  • ----- Physical M!As -----
  • Time Warp: Muse is suddenly a specified age.
  • Equipment Change: Muse is suddenly a specified gender.
  • Pinch And Drag: Muse is suddenly a specified size.
  • Odd Organism: Muse is turned into a specified animal.
  • Odder Organism: Muse is turned into a specified monster.
  • Beep Boop: Muse is turned into a robot. If muse is normally a robot, they are now a living being.
  • Spirit Door: Muse is turned into a ghost. If muse is normally a ghost, they are now alive.
  • Oh Hell No: Muse is split into good and evil versions of themself.
  • Assimilation: Muse now has specified robotic features or components.
  • Flutter: Muse now has wings of a specified size.
  • Name It: A specified physical feature of the muse's is now very different.
  • ----- Personality M!As -----
  • Abloo Bloo: Muse can't stop crying.
  • Snuggle Bug: Muse is now exceptionally affectionate to everyone.
  • ESAD: Muse suddenly despises a specified person or thing.
  • Red Heart: Muse is now passionately in love with a specified person.
  • Hero Worship: Muse idolizes a specified person and thinks everything about them is amazing.
  • Obsession: Muse cannot stop thinking about a specified person or thing.
  • Constant Boners: Muse's libido has gone wild and they can't stop thinking about sex.
  • Rustled Jimmies: Muse is rebellious and easily angered.
  • Game Over Man: Muse is now terrified of a specified thing.
  • ----- Abilities and Afflictions -----
  • 3D Motion: Muse can now fly.
  • Lights Out: Muse cannot see.
  • Muted Speakers: Muse cannot hear.
  • Muted Mic: Muse has no voice and can't make a sound.
  • Heavy Chest: Muse suddenly has difficulty breathing.
  • Now Try Rapping: Muse now thpeakth with a lithp.
  • S.S. Stutter: Muse now speaks with a s-severe stu-stutt-t-ter.
  • Nerve Pain: Muse is struck by intense, constant pain which nothing can alleviate.
  • Sucky Symptoms: Muse becomes miserably ill with specified symptoms.
  • Woop Bang Crash: Muse has lost their depth perception and balance.
  • Bonk Smack Thump: Muse suddenly loses all feeling in their limbs.
  • Twitchy Skin: Muse is extremely sensitive to touch.
  • Whoa Mama: Muse orgasms every time their name is said.
  • Sweet n Spicy: Muse feels like their mouth is on fire and only kisses make it stop.
  • Let Me Up: Muse is tied down and at the mercy of others.
  • Minor Inconvenience: Muse's clothes have all gone missing.
  • Strip Party: One item of muse's clothing disappears every time a specified thing occurs.
  • Mee Yow: Muse is suddenly some kind of sex kitten.
  • Pshhh Naw: Muse is now completely drunk.
  • Pick Your Poison: Muse has to do a specified thing every time their name is said.
  • Truth Obsession: Muse either cannot lie, or they cannot stop lying.
  • Dancing On The Ceiling: Muse is somehow unaffected by gravity.
  • That's Creepy: Muse now looks exactly like a specified person.
  • No Survivors: Muse is suddenly on a murderous rampage.
  • Spicy Meatball: Muse breathes fire whenever they open their mouth.
  • Seadweller: Muse is now aquatic and cannot survive out of water.
  • 400 Blankets: Muse is now freezing cold and can't seem to get warm.
  • Shouldn't Have Said That: Muse has lost their verbal filter and now blurts whatever comes to mind.
  • Thirsty: Muse is now a blood-drinker. They don't get fangs or special abilities, but they must now find blood to drink or they will starve. Other food and drink makes them vomit.
  • Just Not Your Day: A tiny storm cloud follows muse around and rains on them at specified times.
  • He Has A Point: Muse now has an angel and a demon, which only they can see and hear, perched on their shoulders and offering advice.
  • ----- Interactive M!As -----
  • Kiss Me Whole: Muse is slowly fading away and will only return to normal when kissed.
  • Song And A Kiss: Muse loses their voice and will only regain it when kissed.
  • Don't Make It Creepy: Muse falls asleep and can only be awoken with a kiss.
  • I'll Owe You: Muse turns into a frog and will only return to normal when kissed.
  • Gimme Sugar: Muse suddenly wants to kiss anyone who says their name.
  • C'mere Babe: Muse is suddenly compelled to kiss anyone who sends them an ask.
  • Very Well: Muse is owned by a specified person and must obey their commands.
  • Yes Mistress: Muse must submit to any commands given to them.
  • Come Fairy: Specified person has the ability to bring muse to orgasm by pointing at them.
  • Makeouts Or Dismemberment: Muse is chained to a specified person for a certain length of time. Include chain leeway/length.
  • I Feel Strange: Muse swaps personalities with a specified person.
  • I Look Strange: Muse swaps bodies with a specified person.
  • Bad Sexy Idea: Muse is now on a quest to make out with the one person they know they shouldn't.
  • B-Baka: Muse now acts like a bashful, blushing klutz around a specified person.
  • Ooh Kinky: Muse is suddenly into BDSM and on a mission to get it on with a specified person.
  • Hey Whatcha Doin: Muse is compelled to follow a specified person around and can't leave them alone.
  • TMI Warning: Muse is compelled to confess an opinion or feeling they have about anyone they speak to.

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Send one of the following! (angst)


  • "You deserved every minute of that."
  • "I was an idiot to think you’d changed."
  • "You never listen, do you?"
  • "You’re hopeless. Get up."
  • "No, I meant it. I meant every word."
  • "You’re a bad person."

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"Shut up!"
"Please, talk to me."
"I have no idea…"
"I know what this is!"
"Why did you do that?"
"How could you do this?"
"Let me do it!"
"Leave me alone."
"Don’t leave me."
"Kiss me."
"Don’t touch me."
"Why weren’t you there?"
"Why are you here?"
"What are you doing?"
"Don’t look!"
"Just look at it!"
"How did you get in here?"
"How did you escape?"
"Help me."
"I want to help you."
"You’re a monster!"
"You’re not a monster!"